Ruche' di Castagnole Monferrato

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The Osel Ruchè is made by a farmer in the Castagnole Monferrato region in Piemonte, with a small swatch of vineyards that grow the Ruchè grape. The Ruchè is an ancient grape varietal that is rare and difficult to grow, its growing region is small and requires a dedicated farmer who appreciates the importance of continuing to produce this wine which was made in ancient times by the Piemontese people of this region. The grape is finicky and demands only limestone soil and a high elevation on the hills. It gives a very limited production of grapes, but this produces a high quality wine. The wine has intense notes of floral and spice; it is harmonic and soft with a persistent finish. Ruchè is a great companion to foods that are rich in taste and aroma. Check with Siema office for current vintages This is a spicy red that pairs with food rich in taste and aromas. While it is the perfect wine for traditional meat dishes such as roasts and grilled steak, it also pairs well with Indian and Asian food and with sushi and sashimi.